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About Devart's apps

Devart has been successfully building apps since 2009 that are known for their elegance, user-friendliness and technical reliability. More than 500,000 satisfied paying customers use our apps.

Several times we have developed and published an app, that has been followed by Apple in their new iOS versions and by other app developers.

Everyone looks their best



Cutting-edge image processing. Clictric is able to seamlessly attach two or more group photos from a series. Our knowledge in the field of image editing combined with a great idea led to this this innovative and technical masterpiece. For the optimal user experience we replaced the traditional photo-editing procedures with layers by an ultra-light UI: a slider bar that enables users to preview their result, in real time! Clictric was a huge success at the Appy Hour of SIGGRAPH 2017.

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Clear and beautiful Calendars


Calalarm and Supercal

Once upon a time all the alerts on the iPhone sounded the same "bleep bleep". With Calalarm we introduced a couple of unique features for a calendar app: own sounds for notifications, nagging alerts and a snooze function. "Can't live without it" our many customers who daily use this app say.

There were also customers who loved the design and user friendliness of Calalarm but did not necessarily need the extra alarm function. For those we developed Supercal.

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Holiday calendars



It was a simple request: if we were able to build an app that could insert holidays into the calendar. It was important that you could decide beforehand which holidays you wanted to add, and after inserting holidays in the calendar you should also be able to remove them. We designed an elegant user-friendly UI and at the end of 2010 we launched the Feestdagen NL app.

It immediately became a hit, within a week we reached #1 position in the Netherlands paid apps. We then developed various holidays apps for other countries and became market leaders in this area.

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Add and retrieve wines easy and fast


Wines - wine notes

How often doesn't it happen that you are in the store to buy wine and don’t remember which wines you bought before and what you thought of them. Or how many bottles you still have in stock from that certain wine. By linking a large database with information from wine regions and grape varieties to the keyboard, Wines distinguishes itself by its lightning fast keyboard suggestions: you just have to enter the first two letters of a word, making it possible to add and retrieve wines easily and fast.

The app turned out to be an ideal tool for people who occasionally drink a wine and professionals with large collections. It was #1 in several countries in the Food & Drink category for quite a while.

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Recording module for Noto Summary


Noto Summary

The NOTO Summary app enables the doctor to make a summary of the conversation with the patient. NOTO Summary already had a first version of this app and asked Devart to build extra features for the recording function. We designed and built a super user-friendly recording module so that doctors can fully concentrate on the texts they record.

Indispensable in the kitchen


Cook - Kitchen Timers

No more over-cooked vegetables, hard spaghetti, leather steaks and that big smokescreen in the kitchen. With this kitchen timer app you can run multiple timers simultaneously and independently of each other.

The app contains a unique feature: a math program in the background that warns when its time to put each following pan on the fire, so that all dishes are ready at the same time!

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How well can you remember faces?



FaceMix tests how well you can remember faces. And to what features in a face you pay attention.

FaceMix uses pictures from your photo library or lets you take new photos. The faces are split into six parts and shuffled to form a completely new face, that you have to remember and rebuild. Reconstructing is not as easy as you think. And it's fascinating to see what changing a pair of eyes can do to a face.

Moving Memory game


Floating Fish

A revolution in memory games. THE CARDS ARE MOVING. Beautiful, hypnotizing and addictive. This memory game offers a great extra challenge compared to the classic Memory game. Now match up the pairs while the cards are floating through the ocean!!!

In the first level you can comfortably track the cards but in the higher levels the ocean gets crowded. The cards start floating faster and wilder and the sea creatures start bouncing and bumping into each other...…