Holiday Calendars


  • 1. Choose country or occassion

    Tap on the holiday calendar that you want to insert into your iPhone calendar.

  • 2. Choose iPhone Calendar

    You can specify in which iPhone Calendar (local Calendar, iCloud, Google, etc.) you want the holidays to appear.
    You can Deselect individual holidays you don’t want to add.
    Tap Save to add your holidays to the calendar database.

  • Tip: make a new Calendar

    Make a new calendar in your calendar app.

  • 3. Added to the iPhone calendar

    The holidays appear as all day events in your built-in calendar where you can fully edit them, set alerts or delete them.

  • 4. Change or move selection

    Tap on the holiday calendar to view and change the list you have added (see step 2).

    Now you can change (select or deselect) holidays, or move the entire list to another iPhone calendar.
    Don't forget to tap Save!

  • 5. Add and remove.

    Tap '+' to add more holiday calendars.

    To remove holiday calendars swipe.

    Remove Duplicates* caused by overlapping holiday calendars tap Edit > Remove Duplicates.

    * holidays with the same title and date.

  • 6. Holiday Cleaner.

    The Holiday Cleaner checks all your calendars for entries by THIS holiday app and deletes them all.

    The Holiday Cleaner screen appears automatically after all holiday calendars have been deleted (step 5), or by tapping Edit if the list is empty.


Cannot delete holidays, Apple's subscribed calendar

  1. Go to the Calendar app.
  2. Tap on Calendars.
  3. Scroll down to “Other” and uncheck the Holiday calendar.


Double or triple entries

  • Every time you add a Holiday set, this will be listed (step 4).
  • To remove a list in one go (step 5).
  • By removing the  Holiday app, you also remove the information it stores about which holidays it has added.
  • You can remove all holidays with the Holiday Cleaner (step 6).


Doubles caused by iCloud

After merging different devices with iCloud you might end up with multiple calendars with the same name and what looks like double entries. Please check in the built-in calendar and on the iCloud website how many calendars you really have. You can find more info on iCloud:

After you got the iCloud administration right, syncing your devices with iCloud can take some time, so it might take a while before the holidays show up or disappear.