Wines - wine notes

For iPhone & iPad


Remember wines

Some wines you tasted were great, some were all-right and some were horrible… and it is hard to remember which is which!

Wines lets you add and retrieve wines and what you thought about them simple and fast.


Sort, search and count

Retrieve your entries with the search that supports multiple keywords.

Sort by year, rating, shop, price, bottles, etc.

Let Wines do the math and count your bottles.


The Smart Keyboard

Wines distinguishes itself by its lightning fast keyboard suggestions that let you enter your wine within seconds: just type the first two letters of a word and Wines will search its local database of 1500+ wine regions and 900+ varietals. And Wines is Intelligent: it remembers words you typed and adds them to the suggestion list.


Share and browse wines

Easily share your wines and import wines directly into the app via .wib files.

Want to know more about a wine? Just hit the Google Search button and all your wine details will be entered directly into your browser as search string.


Fantastic features

  • Favorites are only one tap away.
  • Filter by bottles in cellar and type.
  • Photograph front and back wine labels.
  • Backup and restore wine data to and from your hard disk or iCloud.
  • Two color themes (burgundy, vine).
  • Syncs over iCloud.
  • Export to CSV file.