Wines - wine notes


How do I backup my wines?

Tap Share button (right below) > Select All > Share action (top right) > Save to Files. This will produce a “.wib” file that will contain all your wines. To restore open or copy the .wib file in "Wines".

Or alternatively

In the "Wines" app tap settings > Back up all wine Data > Create Back up file. This will create a .dat file containing all wines. We recommend to create the backup file on iCloud. "On this device" option is only recommended if you use file sharing because your .dat file will be deleted if you remove the app from the device.

What is the difference between switching iCloud ON and making a backup on iCloud Drive?

  • iCloud switch ON synchronises wines between devices. The wine data are separate files.
  • Backup to iCloud Drive will make one file that contains all wines at time of backup.

I turned on iCloud in the Wines app settings and now all my wines are gone.

Don't worry, after turning on iCloud it can take a up to 10 minutes before all your wines are synced and visible again. Please keep the app running in the foreground and ensure your wifi connection is stable. Meanwhile do NOT start backing up manually.

Also check if Wines is switched ON in iCloud as following: iOS Settings >Your Name > iCloud > scroll down to Wines.

Same after updating the app.

How do I give ½ ratings?

Tap and hold the circle and move your finger left/right.


Deleting the Wines app will also delete all Wines files on your device, so please either create a back up file on iCloud Drive or transfer back up files to your hard disk using iTunes File Sharing.